Allow us to tackle your books, so that you don’t have to. We work hand in hand with each client to ensure every penny is categorized properly. Every month our clients receive a monthly profit and loss statement, complete with a Year to Date comparison. With a Profit and Loss statement, you will be better able to budget as you see exactly where you’re money is being spent. The Chan’s staff is always available to answer questions should any arise.

With proper bookkeeping, and open communication, tax season is a breeze. Just imagine your 1099’s and tax returns being filed on time – no late penalties and interest means more money your business saves.
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Not only are our prices very reasonable, our payroll service itself, is very client friendly. We can meet all of your payroll needs. We offer direct deposit, check printing, or we can call, email, or fax you over the pay amount and you write the paychecks. No matter your preference, you will be given a payroll report that you can easily understand each pay period. We also provide monthly and quarterly reports with the tax payment and dates for payment clearly written, in advance-there is no guessing how much you will be paying, or when. Quarterly filings are included in your monthly payroll rate, and copies for your records are always available.

Whether you have one employee, or 100, we stay up to date on the payroll laws and will keep you informed of any changes that could possibly impact your business.
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Taxes are completed throughout the year. We follow the law closely, staying up to date with our education. You can rest assured that you will receive the maximum refund allowable by law. Knowing that your Personal, Partnership, Corporate, or Non-profit return was done using due diligence, will help you sleep peacefully should an audit arise.

Chan’s tax clients can be found all over the country, as well as overseas. Our new clients are often blown away at how much lower our prices are compared to our competitors. The level of attention given to each client can’t be matched-we will remember your name next year.
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1099’s and W2’s

There are legal differences between an employee and a contract worker. The misclassification of the two can hold serious consequences. We can help you to decipher between the two and prepare accordingly. We prepare, and file,  the W2’s for all of our payroll clients each year. 1099’s are prepared for our bookkeeping and tax clients as well.
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Accounts Payable & Receivables

The IRS frowns upon the comingling of funds. Allowing us to tackle paying the bills for your company will help prevent that from occurring. We are also able to invoice your clients, which not only takes the burden off of you, but also helps to ensure the receipt of payment.
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Employer Identification Number (EIN)

One of the first steps to becoming a successful business is obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. This is how the IRS, state, banks, and other business begin to recognize that you are indeed a legitimate business.  Obtaining an EIN can be done online for free. However, in order to prevent confusion and possible headaches from misclassification in the future, we recommend having a professional take care of this task. We are more than happy to help with this for a very small fee.  
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Financial Statements

We are able to provide financial statements upon the completion the bookkeeping for each month. The statements are important when applying for business loans, when looking for potential investors, partners, officers, or buyers.
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LLC Preparation

In order to become an LLC, there are documents that must be filed with the Secretary of State. Allow us to help you with the process. We can help research name availability, and will make sure all documents are filed properly.
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There are a number of documents that require a Notary signature. Each of our employees is a Notary Public with the State of South Carolina and are available to help. Here are a few key things to remember:

1) Please do not sign the documents ahead of time. We cannot notarize a document that we did not physically see being signed.

2) You, and other signer, will need to be capable of making sound decisions. We will not notarize any documents if the signer appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, or appears to not be aware of what they are signing.

3) You will also need to bring a valid photo ID.
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S Corporation Set Up

Is your business ready to move up from an LLC to an S Corporation? Allow us to assist you in making that decision. We will review all requirements, and tax implications with you. Help you determine your financial stability, as well as file all requests and paperwork with the IRS and state.
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